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The key feature of the real estate agency Obchod s are experienced brokers with their own portfolios of property owners or inquiring clients. We work with property owners who require such cooperation based on their good personal experience or their friends´ personal experience.

We don´t promise property owners unrealistic selling prices, redemption at exorbitant prices or just the perfect client for their property in order to quickly gain their trust and temporarily extend our offer by property thus acquired.

Such practices are quickly seen through and cause a bad relationship between the real estate agent and the property owner. Moreover, possible negative relationships can be sensed even by potential buyers during an inspection of property thus acquired. The trust we pride ourselves on is proven by the fact that most owners have provided us with the keys to their properties to show the potential buyers around.

We always think carefully about a suitable date of the tour and book the time completely for you, we do not hurry. We always organize them so that everyone gets their own space, those interested come in adequate intervals, not in groups.

To reach our goals, we cooperate with other real estate agencies and external real estate agents.

In the second year of our agency´s existence, we met Mr Jiří Paur, a mortgage broker. We perceived the human approach to clients; in a complex environment of different conditions of mortgage products he remains understandable for his clients, speaks frankly, doesn´t promise things that can´t be fulfilled. This is what we´ve appreciated about Jíří Paur over 15 years of our cooperation.

Legal services for us have long been provided by the law firm Mašek, Kočí, Aujezdský, most often by Mr. Daniel Mašek. Standardly, we use their services in preparing comprehensive contractual documentation, mainly contracts on future purchase contracts, purchase contracts, agreements on the transfer of membership rights and obligations in a housing cooperative, safekeeping of funds – purchase prices, and other. Not only from the references that you can read on these pages is it obvious that our clients appreciate the balanced wording of the proposed contractual documentation and the quality of its processing. I also notice that our clients contact this law firm even outside our real estate agency when they need legal certainty in the subsequent purchase of real estate or another life situation, and we are pleased about that.

The Energy Management Act (No. 406/2000 Coll.) introduced the obligation for property owners to prepare the Energy Performance Certificate (the EPC) upon sale or lease. Mr. David Kaiser, an energy specialist, is fully available to us and to you when processing the EPC or just to find out if this obligation applies to your property.